Every organisation needs at least one of the three main liability covers, namely Employers Liability, Public Liability or Products Liability.  

Liability Insurance provides protection for businesses against claims made in respect of incidents for which they may be held legally liable.

Keegan & Pennykid have been helping Third Sector Organisations with their insurance needs for over 55 years and are one of the UK’s leading insurance brokers within our field of expertise. 

We pride ourselves on being able to offer a truly independent and impartial advice-based service, which allows us to source the appropriate insurance cover for each individual organisation. Our dedicated team is on hand to discuss specialist tailored cover with expert support and advice for your organisation.

Employers Liability

If you employ staff however casually, you are required by law to effect Employer’s Liability cover. It covers your business’s legal liability to its employees and volunteers against illness or injury suffered as a result of the business’s activities.

Public Liability

Public Liability Insurance covers your legal liability against specific actions raised by a third party for loss, injury or damage suffered as a result of the business’s activities.

Products Liability

If you sell, supply or manufacture any goods, you will need to effect Products Liability cover as you may be held liable for any death, injury or damage to property caused by a defect in them.

What is included in Liability Insurance?

Employers Liability

Employers' liability insurance covers the cost of compensating employees who are injured at or become ill through work.

Example: An employee suffers an injury when they trip up over a computer cable in the office. The employee could hold you liable for their injury.

Public Liability

Public liability insurance covers the cost of claims made by members of the public for incidents that occur in connection with your business activities. Public liability insurance covers the cost of compensation for personal injuries and loss of or damage to property.

Example: A visitor to your office trips on a torn carpet and injures themself. They could hold you liable for their injury.

Products Liability

Product liability insurance protects you against the cost of compensation for: personal injuries caused by your faulty product; loss of or damage to property caused by your faulty product and unforeseeable circumstances such as product faults that your quality control system could or did not identify.

The Consumer Protection Act 1987 provides a civil law right of redress for the Consumer (in respect of death or injury), against any of the suppliers in the chain, rather than just against the person from whom the goods were finally obtained.  Thus whether you are the supplier, retailer, wholesaler, importer or manufacturer of the goods you have a potential liability.

Example: Your business sells a ladder to a third party but they fall off the ladder because of a faulty rung. The customer could hold you liable for their losses even if you did not manufacture the ladder.

It is very important that you provide a complete list of your activities to ensure that you have the correct cover. The need to demonstrate you have carried out the appropriate Risk Assessments and taken necessary corrective action cannot be overstated.

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