Property Insurance.

Property Insurance provides cover for loss or damage to your assets as a result of insured risks such as fire, escape of water, impact, natural hazards, theft, subsidence, and accidental damage.


Whether you own or rent the premises that you operate from, cover for Buildings is essential to ensure that you are able to recover quickly following loss or damage that impacts on your continued use of the premises. Even partial damage (as opposed to total loss) can result in your use of the premises being prevented for a significant time period. Loss or damage to machinery and plant may reduce, or even halt, production too.

There are many considerations to be made when arranging Property Insurance not just the materials that the premises are built from, but also location, security and the activities carried on within.

Be wary of the value insured as most policies contain an average (or underinsurance) clause that allow Insurers to proportionately adjust a claim payment or settlement based on how the sum insured relates to a true reinstatement value.

Also, there are certain exclusions that will apply including loss or damage that has occurred due to Wear and Tear. 

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“Keegan and Pennykid has been our preferred insurance broker for over 10 years and the fact we have remained with the same broker is testament to the quality of the service we have received throughout.”

Malcolm C Godfrey,

General Manager,
Avenue House Estate Trust

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