Trustees Indemnity.

Trustees Indemnity provides Personal Liability protection for your Trustees and Directors against claims which may arise from wrongful acts.

Trustee Indemnity insurance is designed to protect those who are alleged to be responsible, including Legal Defence Costs. Other cover features may include:

  • Any One Claim basis of Indemnity
  • Civil Fines and Penalties
  • Emergency Costs and Expenses
  • Public Relations costs

Even with the best of intentions, there is always a risk that day-to-day decisions could result in less favourable outcomes for the individual or individuals who made them, and for your organisation also.

Cover is tailored to your needs with selectable Indemnity Limits which fit your requirements. With a range of available cover extensions, including optional additional coverages, your risk exposures can be protected.

For a quotation, or more information on Trustee Indemnity Insurance, please call:

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