Scouts, Clubs
& Associations.

The insurance cover your organisation requires will depend upon its activities and may include cover for property, events, committee and general members and liabilities such as professional indemnity, trustees’ indemnity, public liability, and employer’s liability.


Keegan & Pennykid have been providing specialist insurance for Scout groups for over 25 years.

Our Scout Insurance scheme has been designed to meet the ever-changing needs of Scout groups and ensures that groups have the right insurance in place to protect them regardless of their size and scale of their activities.

The scheme also benefits from a unique, money saving VAT Clause for groups that are not VAT registerved.

Clubs & Associations.

Keegan & Pennykid have been helping Clubs and Associations with their insurance needs for over 55 years and are one of the UK’s leading insurance brokers within our field of expertise.

We pride ourselves on being able to offer a truly independent and impartial advice-based service, which allows us to source the most appropriate insurance cover for each club and association. Our dedicated team is on hand to discuss specialist tailored cover with expert support and advice.

Standard Cover includes:

  • All risks, new-for-old cover on all scout equipment (including whilst in transit). Cover applies on a world-wide basis
  • Buildings on a full re-instatement basis with an automatic 30% inflation provision uplift. The buildings are insured against Accidental Damage including Subsidence and Glass Damage
  • Cover available for standard and non-standard construction buildings
  • Replacement of locks following theft of keys from the premises or from the home of any key holders up to £5,000 any one occurrence
  • Automatic money insurance for up to £4,000 including personal accident and assault cover

Do I need insurance for a fund-raising event?

Yes. Whether you are an organisation holding an event or an individual organising a fundraiser, you will need some level of insurance cover. Most events, for example, will require amongst other things, public liability cover.

Prior to holding your event, call us and we will be able to advise you on the insurance cover you need and can arrange the most appropriate cover to meet those needs.

For further information and advice about insurance for your Scout Troop, Club or Association or to get a quote, please call:

0131 225 6005


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