Legal Expenses.

Naturally disputes occur from time to time, but accessing the right advice at the outset is essential to ensure that the dispute can be finalised as swiftly as possible.

By adding Legal Expenses to your existing insurance policy or as a stand-alone policy, you can make sure you get professional advice when needed.

With access to a 24-7 legal advice helpline, you can speak to a dedicated legal team to discuss employment contracts, disciplinary procedures, contract disputes, how to handle redundancy, tenant disputes, property issues and HMRC tax enquiries.

What does Legal Expenses pay for?

  • Appointed lawyer’s legal fees
  • Court fees
  • Expert witness costs
  • Other sides costs if you are unsuccessful
  • Certain compensation awards you are ordered to pay

For further information or advice about Legal Expenses Insurance, please call:

0131 225 6005

“Kirkcudbright Development Trust knows that it can rely on Keegan Pennykid to expertly deal with the demands and obstacles that face us as a community led organisation, that is constantly evolving and developing its projects”.

Debbie Craig,

Community Development Officer,
Kirkcudbright Development Trust

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