Cyber Insurance.

The average cost of a cyber-attack is £4,200. Ah, you might say, but it’ll never happen to me.

Sadly, the facts say otherwise because since 2016, 41% of businesses and organisations identified a cyber-attack. Sooner or later your luck could easily run out, so why trust chance when you can put your trust in a bespoke Cyber Insurance policy from Keegan & Pennykid?

Whether an event is designed to interrupt your operations or is focused on causing you maximum negative exposure due to data theft, our Cyber Insurance policies can both assist and support you during the immediate period following such interruption as well as aid your recovery to normal business operations as quickly as possible.

It’s worth considering the following elements when deciding if Cyber cover would be useful in protecting your business:

  • Data Theft
  • Notification Costs (including dealing with Regulators)
  • PR Advice
  • Legal Defence Costs

For a quotation, or more information on Cyber Insurance, please call us on:

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“Keegan & Pennykid really understand Third Sector challenges. In terms of protection, it’s reassuring to know we are in safe hands.”

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