Shop Insurance

Shop owners outside their business

Retailers come in all shapes and sizes and for the most part face similar basic risks to their business, which makes shop insurance a must. In most cases, Insurers have produced retail package policies that provide all the major covers that a shop may require, clearly and simply in a single policy. In some cases additional risks may be included as separate sections to the policy.

Larger and more complex risks, for example those which may entail any manual work other than deliveries/collection away from the premises, are likely to require a bespoke Combined type policy. Be sure therefore to disclose ALL your business activities or you risk leaving yourself exposed without adequate shop insurance to cover all eventualities.

The Shop package may be appropriate to shops, restaurants, takeaways and public houses,  and will usually include Business Property, Stock, Business Interruption, Employer’s &  Public/Products Liabilities, Money, Glass and often Legal Expenses (Commercial Legal Protection).

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