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Depending on the number and duration of trips over the year and the nature of the holiday, you will need either a Single Trip policy or an Annual Travel policy. The Policy is usually purchased as a standard package of benefits particularly if it is for a single trip. Annual policies can be a package of covers or tailored to your individual requirements.

Keegan & Pennykid are able to offer a range of policies – including cover for higher risk activities and travel to conflict areas – as defined on the UK Government’s web site:

Online Quotes for Travel Insurance

If you require immediate travel insurance, you can obtain a quote and cover for a single trip or annual policy via the following online quote facility:

  • BIBA and DTW 1991
    • Keegan & Pennykid are members of the British Insurance Brokers Association (BIBA). In conjunction with DTW 1991, BIBA offer an online quote facility for single trip and annual insurance.  To access this facility, please click here.

Travel Insurance for UK residents to age 79 and over

We have access to a special scheme that was originally designed for golfers who were travelling overseas to play.  The scheme is now open to non-golfers and offers single trip and annual travel insurance to UK residents up to the age of 79 subject to medical acceptance.  Travel insurance can also be arranged (through a different scheme) for those travellers who are 80 years old and over.  To discuss your particular requirements and to obtain a quotation please contact us.

Travel Insurance for UK residents who have serious medical conditions

We will do our utmost to provide you with advice and a quote for travel insurance should you have a serious medical condition. If, however, we can’t offer you the travel insurance cover you want, or your premium is higher than you expected because you have serious medical conditions, you may be able to get help by accessing BIBA’s Travel Medical Directory: or by calling 0370 950 1790 (Open Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm).

Business Travel Insurance

Keegan & Pennykid also advise on and arrange business travel insurance including travel to conflict areas.  Find out more about business travel.

For further information or advice about Travel Insurance & Immediate Travel Cover or to get a quote, please contact us


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