Motor Fleet

Group of Trucks

Whether you have one vehicle or one hundred vehicles, a motor fleet policy may be an effective way of ensuring you have the right insurance for your business. Having motor fleet insurance will reduce the administrative burden as you will have one renewal date and one insurer. In fact, Insurers are likely to charge less per vehicle for a fleet than if you covered each vehicle separately.

A Motor Fleet policy can be tailored to cover private cars, commercial vehicles, HGVs, scooters and special types (and any other type of motor vehicle where a licence is required) – or a mixture of all of them. You can choose to have all vehicles covered with the same cover or a variety, depending on your needs. The policy typically covers any authorised driver over 25 years of age but it can again be tailored to include specified young drivers or named individuals on certain vehicles.

Instead of rating on each vehicle and earning “No Claims Discount”, the insurer will rate on the claims experience of your entire organisation.

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