NHW Liability

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Liability insurance is available through Keegan & Pennykid at no cost to Neighbourhood Watch Schemes in Scotland and Northern Ireland which are registered with Neighbourhood Watch Scotland (SCIO) and Neighbourhood Watch (NI) respectively.

Liability Cover Details

You can view brief details of the cover provided by this facility by following this link to a (PDF) >>.

Liability Certificates can be obtained by following the links (PDF files).

The Renewal of your Liability Insurance

Your liability insurance policy is an annual policy with a renewal date of 1st April.

Claims Assistance

In the event that you require to make a claim in respect of your scheme’s public liability insurance, you should contact our claims department by telephoning 0131 225 6005.  Full claims information can be found on your policy documentation.


If you have any queries concerning the public liability cover provided by this facility  please do not hesitate to contact us.



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