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Ethical investment allows you, as an investor, to integrate your values and beliefs with your financial requirements. To find out more about ethical investment and how Keegan & Pennykid (Insurance Brokers) Ltd can assist you in meeting your ethical investment needs, please choose a subject from the list below.

What is ethical investment?
Ethical investment (sometimes referred to as green, socially responsible or conscious investment) comes from the desire to ensure that an investor’s investments are working in the same direction as an investor’s ethics. For many people this means investing in investments that protect the natural environment while contributing to a just and sustainable human society.

Ethical investment has two sides:

  1. avoiding unethical investments which damage others or the environment;
  2. promoting environmentally and socially responsible investments such as green and sustainable technologies.
Investment options under ethical investment
Worldwide, ethical investments span the full gamut of investment options alongside their conventional (non-ethical) counterparts. Both Europe (particularly the UK) and North America have a strong and well-established ethical investment product range giving investors a large selection to choose from.

As an investor, you can use companies who combine good performance with ethical criteria to avoid investing in companies that conflict with your values. By doing so you are choosing to invest your money in companies whose goods and services benefit the community and the environment.

Can any investor choose to ethically invest?
Ethical investment can be used by individuals, investing a relatively small sum, to trusts, charities and other organisations with larger sums, all wishing to move their money in an ethical direction in line with their values.
How Keegan & Pennykid can assist you with ethical investment ?
Because every client has individual needs, we believe they deserve individual solutions. Therefore, should you choose to invest “ethically” and thus in a manner which is akin to your own values and beliefs, we will use our experience and knowledge of the market to source exactly the right product and provider for your circumstances. And, as your circumstances change, we are ideally placed to offer advice and practical help to make sure that your ethical investment needs are continually being met.

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