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As you go through different stages of life, your financial needs and goals will likely change.

  • Further education and Early career years
    • You may be getting training; attending college or university; starting a career; or finding a life partner. Spending is often greater than income.
    • Goals may include: Paying for further education; buying a car or home furnishings; building savings; paying off debt; building a good credit history.
  • Family and career building years
    • You may change jobs to enhance your career; start a family; and begin saving for a child’s education. Income typically rises during these years.
    • Goals may include: Buying a house and life insurance; reducing taxes; growing savings; preparing a will; building up a pension; starting a new business.
  • Pre-retirement years
    • Your expenses may start to go down whilst your savings start to build up.  If you have children you may be looking to help pay for their education, weddings and first home.
    • Goals may include:  Paying off a mortgage and other debt; reducing taxes; growing retirement savings; sending children to college or university; starting a new business; planning for retirement.
  • Early retirement years
    • You may want to work less and your health may still be good enough to support an active lifestyle, perhaps with travel, volunteer work, or continued part-time work.
    • Goals may include: Starting a new business; turning retirement savings and pensions into income; managing taxes; managing savings to last.
  • Later retirement years
    • You may become less mobile and may need to take care of health problems.
    • Goals may include: Optimising taxes; managing savings to last; estate planning; considering options for assisted living.

At Keegan & Pennykid, we can help by providing advice throughout all of the financial stages of your life.  To find out more, click on any of the menu options to the right or contact us to discuss your specific needs.



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