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What are Community Councils?

Community Councils make up the most local level of democracy. They cover self-defined communities (many very small) and are independent of other democratic institutions, like Local Authorities. Community Councils were established under the Local Government Act 1973 which also sets out their purposes:  to ascertain, co-ordinate and express to local authorities and other public bodies, the views, opinions and concerns of their Community, and to take expedient, practicable and lawful actions in the interests of that Community.

Community Councils are therefore unique, statutory bodies. Their members (Community Councillors) are elected by their Community, and act together as a collective. They may also take on other duties to support their community in the broadest sense. There are almost 1200 Community Councils in Scotland, involving around 12,000 Community Councillors voluntarily acting in their Community’s interests.

What are the insurance needs of Community Councils?

The insurance needs of Community Councils vary from district to district, but they have one thing in common: they all have basic insurance needs, be it in the form of Public Liability, Libel & Slander/ Defamation, Employers Liability and perhaps Personal Accident.  Some Community Councils may have wider insurance needs if they acquire property and equipment or if they organise events such as Gala Days or the switch-on of Christmas Lights.  There are package policies available to cover just the basic risks, but they tend to be inflexible when it comes to adding additional risks.

Keegan & Pennykid’s Encompass Policy has the flexibility to meet the insurance needs of Community Councils

Keegan & Pennykid’s “Encompass” policy has the flexibility to be able to deal with most situations so that additional covers don’t necessarily require the issue of an extra policy, saving time and additional costs.

An article appeared on the website of the Nationwide Network of Community Councillors In Scotland  in February 2012, named Cover for Community Councils, which gives an insight into Keegan & Pennykid’s involvement with Community Councils.

You can read the article here: Community Councils Encompass Article Feb 2012

For further information or advice about Community Councils insurance or to get a quote, please contact us.


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