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It is not unusual nowadays for staff or volunteers to travel abroad or to other parts of the country as part of their work . Wherever there are travel tickets and/or accommodation deposits to be paid, there’s a risk of them being forfeited if the business travel is cancelled, curtailed or the itinerary altered. If the business travel is abroad then there’s also the risk of incurring Medical Expenses if they are taken ill whilst travelling.

Business Travel policies will not only provide the usual covers for Baggage, Money, Liability, Cancellation, Medical & Emergency Travel Expenses, Passport Indemnity but the latter section will also often cover the cost of sending out replacement personnel in the event that someone has to return home prematurely. The policy limits are usually more generous than those provided by an individual policy and the premium is subject to a lower tax rate.

Keegan & Pennykid are able to offer a range of policies – including access to specialist schemes when the travel is to conflict areas – as defined on the UK Government web site:

Individual trip policies may be appropriate on occasion but it is essential that the Insurer knows that the trip is for business purposes, especially if there is likely to be manual work involved. Cover for any manual work will usually require additional premium if it is available – it is not automatically covered.

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Personal Travel Insurance

Keegan & Pennykid also advise on and arrange personal travel insurance on a single trip or annual travel basis.  You can also obtain instant cover online.  Read more about Personal Travel Insurance



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