Business Continuity

Business Continuity


Effective Business Continuity Planning can make the difference between the survival and failure of your organisation in the event of an incident.  ROBUST is a software program that will help you create and manage an effective Business Continuity Plan for your business and provide essential on-the-spot advice immediately following an incident.  It is available at no charge from RISCAuthority (a scheme annually financed by a group of UK Insurers and administered by the Fire Protection Association).


•Requires no other paid-for software elements aside from the computer’s operating system

•Is designed with logical workflow, easily recognisable within normal company structures

•Provides feedback on quality and completeness

•Provides all output in a format suitable for insertion into other company documentation

•Is provided with all necessary training to develop the plan

To download the software, you will need to firstly register at  (Please note that by clicking on this link you will be redirected to a third party site).



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