Coronavirus (Covid-19) – Re-opening your Organisation

Posted on June 23, 2020 · Posted in News

Since we entered the phased lifting of the lockdown measures that were introduced on 20 March this year, the ongoing decline in the number of new positive cases and/or deaths resultant from COVID-19, is welcomed. It is however poignant for us to reflect on all of those lives that have been lost to the disease and to continue supporting those people who are still battling to overcome its impact on not just their own lives, but those around them too.

The early signs are encouraging and, in these now changing times, it is critical that our attention turns to developing new and robust Risk Management regimes, which will be key to ensuring future organisational success by providing safe working environments for staff and volunteers; and any other persons who we come into contact with while operating our respective activities.

In terms of insurance, each of the below insurances are immediate considerations where you are developing new and additional risk management procedures designed to protect you from risks that remain from COVID-19.

  • Employers Liability
  • Public Liability
  • Business Interruption
  • Key Person
  • Employee Benefits

With Government advice changing frequently, often with little notice, your Risk Management plans will require constant and regular review to ensure that the measures you implement keep pace with the changes introduced in your area.  Keep in mind the following key points when developing your risk assessments and risk management controls.

  • Complete your risk assessments, and document them, before your staff or volunteers return to the workplace (click HERE for more information on risk management)
  • Install internal and, where appropriate, external social distancing markings and signage to ensure that all persons use your premises appropriately and can see that you have taken action to highlight the risks
  • Ensure you have an adequate supply of hygiene and cleaning products as well as signage in toilets and other areas to remind people that they should adopt good cleanliness and hygiene practices
  • Premises that have not been attended for some time, even for cleaning purposes, will require thorough cleaning before you re-open
  • Equipment that has not been used for some time may require inspection/service/testing before it can be safely used again. This is particularly important for equipment that requires statutory inspections such as lifting equipment, passenger lifts etc.
  • Are your fire and burglar alarms, where you have either or both, working correctly? Also what about your utilities (gas, electricity, water and communications) too?
  • If you started new activities during the lockdown and plan to continue with them or if you are resuming activities after a period of inactivity, let your Insurance Broker know to ensure that the cover you need is in place.
  • Other sources of information that may assist with your forthcoming planning needs include:For HSE advice click here
    For ACAS advice click here
    For FCO Travel advice click here
    For BMA Health advice click hereWhilst our office remains closed, we continue to operate fully from home, and we are here to help and support you with any insurance-related matter that you wish assistance with.Please contact us on 0131 225 6005 or contact your usual Keegan & Pennykid representative on their direct number.  Alternatively, please email us at